Akhisar  is a town  in the province of Manisa in the Aegean region of Western Turkey. Akhisar is called as the ancient city of Thyatira. With archaeological findings we learn that its settlements go back to 3000 BC, Akhisar has been a busy trade center with its strategic location during ancient and medieval ages.


Akhisar is a  modern city now. The city gives some advantages to the people


You can witness four seasons in Akhisar. There are some places to spend time enjoyably with your friends and family together.


A presentation about Akhisar


Fevzi Keskinoğlu Anatolian Highschool was opened in 2009. It started its education first at an old building in the city center. One year later its building was built. It takes its name from a charitable man who paid nearly %60 percent for constraction of the building.


This institution ,Fevzi Keskinoglu Anadolu Lisesi,  is located in a town named Akhisar in the west of Turkey. Akhisar is relatively a big town with roughly 160.000 population. We have many economically disadvantaged students and some of them are carried to school by the government. We always try to motivate our students . We have been providing education to the students from the age of 14 to 17 for seven years. We have about 530 students from different backgrounds and 30 teachers and four other staffs. We want  our students to attend university and get a good job. Our school has priority in teaching  English and German as foreign languages.


We carried out a comenius Project between 2012-2014. It contributed our school’s educational quality and our students learned alot about different cultures. Many students had chance to practise their language skills. The teachers and the students all feel shy to express themselves and their ideas in English. We would like to improve the language skills of the students and teachers.


 We are interested in multiple intelligence and  kinesthetic. We want to learn and improve teaching and learning methods in order to increase the fertility of the lessons. We have very poor knowledge on Kinesthetic. We need to study these methods . We also organise some local Projects as well. Last year we hosted twenty universities’ representatives  at school and they introduced their institutuions. Many students and teachers from the neighbouring schools visited our “Education Fair”. Our single aim with such kind of activities is to increase the stydents’ motivation to study and increase their wish to attend university and carry  on improving their educational quality. We also cooperate with many schools on some  sports events and activities.